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Earlham Primary School


At Earlham Primary School, we have the highest aspirations for our children.

Our ambitious vision is to achieve excellence in education to ensure that our children can succeed and thrive in the rapidly changing social and employment environments of the 21st century.


We will do this through:

  • Ensuring the curricular provision is rich, broad, balanced, bespoke, and relevant with high expectations that every child will enjoy learning and have the courage and determination to be the best they can be, in learning, and as citizens of the global community.
  • Providing high quality teaching that is designed to spark children’s curiosity and offers opportunities for them to take risks, learn from mistakes, and discover, explore, and develop passions that they will take into adulthood.
  • Continuing to recruit, train and develop and value a highly ambitious, professional and competent workforce that is committed to the highest standards and committed to going above and beyond for our pupils.
  • Creating an exciting and inspirational learning environment that will facilitate high quality, through the implementation of a wide-ranging and challenging curriculum that meets the needs of the whole child and enables each individual to develop high self-esteem and experience success in both education and in their personal growth.