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Earlham Primary School

Online Safety

Online safety is an important part of keeping children safe at our school. Pupils are taught how the internet works and how to stay safe, both in school and then they are at home. 

We want our pupils to be equipped with the knowledge needed to make the best use of the internet and technology in a safe, considered and respectful way, so they may reap the benefits of the online world.

We are committed to working in partnership with parents/carers to ensure that the e-safety message is consistent.

We appreciate that It may feel daunting to talk about staying safe online – especially when your children are using the internet differently to you so we hope that the following links will provide you with helpful advice and guidance on how to keep your children safe when using the internet at home:


Here are some helpful links to support you to keep your children safe online:

Click here for advice from Childnet about how to open up a conversation with your child about online safety.

Click here for a wealth of information from internetmatters.org about keeping your child safe online.

Click here for online safety information for parents from CEOP.

Click here for a wealth of information from the NSPCC.


If you would like to report a concern about something that your child has seen, or experienced online, you can do so using the following links:

Click here to report a concern via CEOP.

Click here to report a concern via Childnet

Parental controls are designed to help protect children from inappropriate content online, such as pornography or other adult content. These controls can be used in a number of ways, e.g. to help ensure that your children access only age-appropriate content; to set usage times; and to monitor activity.

Click here for some helpful information about setting up parental controls.

Here are some of the the most popular online activities that we know  children currently interact with. Click on the guides below for further information for parents about what they involve and how to keep your child safe.

Image result for fortnite

Click here for more information about Fortnite. PEGI rating:  12+

Image result for roblox image

Click here for more information about Roblox: PEGI rating: 7+


Click here for more information abo

ut social media.

Image result for nintendo switch

Click here for more information about the Nintendo Switch.

Image result for ps4

Click here for more information about the PS4.


Click here for more information about Among Us. Rating: 7+

Image result for tiktok images

Click here for more information about Tik Tok.


Websites providing further information


Kidsmart gives you lots of advice on how to stay safe online.


ParentINFO is a collaboration between ParentZone and CEOP.  There are useful guides and articles on helping your child stay safe online.


Today’s pupils are growing up in an increasingly complex world, living their lives seamlessly on and offline. This presents many positive and exciting opportunities, but also challenges and risks.