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At Earlham, we believe that a high quality music education is vital for all pupils. Children are encouraged to develop their talents by listening, exploring sound, composing, practising and performing music to a wide range of audiences. Our music curriculum is designed so that pupils develop their musical knowledge and skills alongside self-confidence, attentive curiosity and creativity. As pupils progress through the school, they encounter a wider range of music genres that include key pieces in the musical canon.

At Earlham, musical learning is built around six interconnected strands: singing, composing, improvising, playing, critically engaging with key pieces, and developing an understanding of music’s social and cultural significance.? Learning across the school, incorporates these skills, building on key pieces that make connections with children's learning across the curriculum.

This intent is underpinned by:

The teaching of musical knowledge  

We intend for all pupils to understand what key musical terms mean and how composers and players use them to create musical performances.

The teaching of musical appreciation

We intend for all pupils to encounter key pieces in the musical canon from around the world, past and present. We intend for all pupils to be able to talk about a piece using age-appropriate vocabulary. We intend for all pupils to find enjoyment in a wide range of musical genres and styles.

The teaching of musical skill

We intend for all pupils to learn to control key musical aspects including pitch, rhythm, texture, timbre, dynamics, tempo and musical structure during their time at Earlham. We intend for children at Earlham to develop their confidence as musicians as they progress through the school, working individually and with their peers to create a wide range of musical performances.

A vocabulary rich environment

We intend to create a vocabulary rich environment, where musical talk is a key learning tool for all pupils. Where necessary, pre teaching key vocabulary is a driver for pupil understanding and develops the confidence of pupils to explain musically and thus consolidate and embed their conceptual understanding.

Overview and Implementation