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Earlham Primary School



DT at Earlham focuses on celebrating individuality and diversity through creative representation. We recognise that each child has a different story and we aim to represent this by exploring a range of cultures to deliver the DT curriculum. We believe that every child is capable of extraordinary designs and we aim to provide them with high quality teaching to create the best possible outcomes.

DT sessions will have close curricular links to each current topic to provide all children opportunities to express their knowledge on particular subjects. We will encourage the use of key vocabulary of skills and techniques and provide children with rich language relating to their artist/style of work.

We have high expectations from all our children and we encourage and understand that DT cannot be rushed. To capture high quality work, DT sessions may take the form of project based work to provide sufficient time to complete each piece. This may be spread over several weeks. We will ensure that we are supporting children to progress in their DT knowledge and skill base by building up on skills and techniques and providing opportunities to practice. We aim to ensure children will have access to appropriate tools and develop the accurate and most effective skills to use them.

 Overview and implementation

EYFS: Opportunities for DT will be available daily either indoors or outside. This does not have to be as an adult led activity. Monitoring and recording will be via Tapestry, in Special Books or available to view on displays. Using a range of malleable materials daily/weekly with interventions of skill progression and use of appropriate tools. Weekly cooking activities will take place with a group of focus children. Junk modelling will be available for children to access throughout the day.

KS1/2:  Each child will have an individual scrap book. This will be an ongoing book through the child’s journey at Earlham to clearly model the progression throughout the years. DT will be regularly monitored with the use of whole class sketch books. The art/scrap book is used to document key pieces and projects over the course of the academic year. It will be used for monitoring purposes, marking and feedback. DT sessions will alternate half termly with art. Cooking opportunities will happen at least once a term.

All children across the school will be expected to be exposed to key vocabulary relating to their focus skill/artist/technique.

We understand that DT can be therapeutic and we encourage a calm and tranquil environment during DT sessions. We are dedicated to supporting children to feel safe and free to self-express during these sessions.

There will be annual art events/projects involving the whole school. Children will be expected to participate and produce work of a high standard. These projects will be used to bring the school community together and also involve parents and carers.